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According to new research just out by the NSW Government initiative, Get Healthy at work, 72% of small and medium sized businesses consider themselves 'healthy' workplaces. Unfortunately that leaves a lot of un-healthy and unhappy workers. These un-healthy workplaces can end up costing up to 100K more to run over a five-year period. 

At Milk Chocolate we definitely fall into the healthy workplace category. We've swapped the chips for fresh fruit, make sure we move at least once every hour and do boot camps every week to keep in shape. The differences these small changes have made are incredible - we are a healthier, happier team that are on the ball and rearing to go. 

Below is the full article that Get Healthy at work have recently published, we think it's that important and wanted to share it too. No better time than now to get your workplace into shape! 

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*Credit: NSW Government, Get Healthy At Work