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Guest contribution from Nikki Ragel - qualified Personal Trainer and professional boot camp ass kicker!

Well I'm here to share my top five tips on how to embrace the early mornings, I'm usually awake at 4:45am so trust me, these techniques take some practice but you do finally adapt.

1. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO YOURSELF BEFORE YOU GO TO BED - If you know you’re training the following morning, make it a mental priority and acknowledgement before you go to bed. That way you already know your plan of action for the morning.

2. GET READY - leave out your workout clothes, drink bottle and towel, have them on hand so you see them as soon as you wake up giving you a visual representation of how you are starting your day. If you head straight to work after your session pack that bag too or leave out your outfit so you are good to go as soon as you come home.

3. GET TO BED EARLY - Yes I did use to work night shift so I understand there is an adjustment period when you need to get up early. If you are use to having late nights whether it's due to social activities or work it’s understandable you just want to chill and sleep in the next morning. If this is you I want you to try the following for one week: go to bed ten minutes earlier each night. Just 10 minutes. By the end of that week BOOM you've gained yourself an extra hour of glorious sleep. 

4. PREPARE - I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: prepare your meals. A couple of hours on the weekend will save you a hell of a lot of time during the week. I personally don't have a set work finish time as I'm sure is the case for a lot of you as well, so by the time I get home I feel I just don't have time to concoct marvellous recipes nor do I want to spend my downtime in the kitchen, (most days i'm home between 7:30-9pm and need to be in bed by 10pm for my am wake up call).
Knowing that there are prepared meals - (my faves being salad in a jar or food that can be easily heated up: a batch of warm soup or slow cooker pot that was done on weekend or leftover quinoa and veggies.) I always have at least four go to breakfasts and dinners in the fridge. It saves so much time to either relax or get other stuff done in the evening.

5. LISTEN TO YOUR INNER CHEERLEADER - C’mon we all have her, and we all have her opposition. I like to envision them as my inner cheerleader and my inner emo! My cheerleader is always positive, reminding me of how awesome I feel after a sweat session always eager to get a good start to my day. She always reminds me of the goals I have!
My emo is on the dark side, she wants the snooze button, wants to stay under the doona, finds aches and pains and sniffles that may or may not necessarily be there.

We start every day with choices and these choices set us up with our intention for the rest of the day.

This is the time you need to remember your number 1 tip! You made an appointment with yourself. You have goals that you want to achieve, so c’mon fire up and go achieve them!

Remember the hardest part of your workout is getting out of bed! Let your inner cheerleaders prevail.


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