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We recently had an enquiry that asked if they could contact an existing client for a reference. We are always happy to pass on details of our existing clients. Below are the questions the enquiry asked and our client's responses. 

  • How did you first find out about Milk Chocolate? 

Social media.

  • What services did they provide for you? 

They helped find a property investment for us whilst we continued our work in Qatar, they are also now keeping me informed with the market and any information related to investments and or housing in Australia.

  • Did you find any problems or delays in their services?

No, I didn’t, to be honest, the guys were great and were always up to speed. In some cases, they were chasing me. This is what I need as previously I would take my time and sometimes miss opportunities.

  • How many property options did you get to view before your final decision? 

This was important to us to make the decision without feeling pressured. The first round of proposals didn’t work for us however when we got the next round of options we managed to confirm one of the properties. They seemed open to continuing until we found the one we wanted. I didn't want to get emotionally attached to any of them so as long as the numbers stacked up then I was happy to move forward. I also advised them this in the brief.

  • How would you rate the Milk Chocolate data/research service - was it comprehensive, relevant, up to date?

Absolutely, I am very impressed with their information pack and the detail they go into with the properties and the surrounding areas. Very detailed and specific to what I needed to know. If I did have some questions in which they could not answer, I would have it within 2 days.

  • Were you satisfied with the final price of your purchased property/s? 

Yes and again they gave me all the information on similar properties to confirm relative pricing.

  • If Milk Chocolate linked you to a property manager - are you satisfied with the property management - why / why not?

Yes…efficient, and great in communicating on our properties.

  • Is there any areas you think Milk Chocolate could improve? 

A lot of it was done on phone calls, skype and emails etc. It would have been great to see them face to face however it was my choice to live abroad so I cannot expect too much, I did give them this feedback and as a result, I know they are planning regular visits to Qatar. Again this is my personal opinion as I like to have a touch and feel to a lot of things.

  • Any other comments? 

It is because of Milk Chocolate I am confident in investing in properties. They have made it easier for my wife and I, and as a result, we are planning to use them on a yearly basis (finances permitting). I have been an expatriate for the last 10 years and always found it too difficult and had too many links in the chain to buy property in Australia. These guys made it easy and very simple. They treat us like partners and not another investor or way for them to make money. All the little things really add up. As I mentioned in the point above, I gave some feedback and as a result, they are reacting to it to meet my expectation. I tried previous companies and found a considerable difference in how I was treated. I would and have been recommending Milk Chocolate to friends here in Qatar.

Milk Chocolate was founded seven years ago by Richie Ragel and Michael Cleary, to purchase residential and commercial property in Australia on behalf of our clients, looking for a home or investment property. To see how we can help you get in touch here

Questions asked by an enquiry from Myanmar (Burma) to an existing client in Doha, Qatar. 

Thanks, Michael 

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